Small Business Training

Small Business Training

Small Business Training

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Small business owner’s in Midlothian looking to take their business to the next level have an exciting opportunity.  The Midlothian Chamber, in partnership with the MED and Edge Global, will be providing a year-long training program called “Accelerate Business – Level Up.” This comprehensive program is designed to equip local businesses with the essential skills and knowledge needed to grow in today’s competitive market.


“Accelerate Business – Level Up” is not your average training program. Instead, it’s a transformative experience that will help participants address critical areas of their business. Throughout the 2024 calendar year, participants will come together quarterly for full-day live workshops that promise to ignite growth and expansion.


One of the key components of this training program is helping participants create a shared vision for their business. Effective communication of this vision to inspire team members is crucial for fueling growth. By the end of the program, you’ll have the tools and strategies to lead your team confidently.


Over the course of the year, participants will delve into four critical areas:

  • Leadership: Discover the secrets of effective leadership and how it can drive your business forward.
  • Marketing & Branding: Learn the art of marketing and branding to make your business stand out in a crowded marketplace.
  • Operational Engagement & Culture: Understand the importance of a positive company culture and how it impacts your operations.
  • Financial Administration & Key Performance Indicators: Gain insights into managing your finances and measuring your business’s success.

Meet the Experts – Edge Global

The training program will be led by Edge Global, a company founded by Edwin Britt and Midlothian resident, Michael Ray Newman. Edge Global is known for its transformative business trainings such as “Life by Design” and “Mindset of a Champion.” These programs have delivered life-changing results throughout North America.


Sponsored by Midlothian Economic Development

The MED is proud to be the primary sponsor for this training series. Our support reflects our commitment to empower existing businesses in our community. Through our partnership with the Midlothian Chamber, our collective goal is to provide resources that will help Midlothian residents and area businesses grow and expand within our community.  

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