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Midlothian Economic Development (“MED”) is a non-profit industrial development corporation created in accordance with Sections 501, 502, and 504 of the Texas Local Government Code.  The MED was established in 1999 by Midlothian voter approval.  MED is a Type A corporation that is tasked with growing the Midlothian economy by attracting qualified projects outlined by state statute. Projects are limited to (1) the creation or retention of primary jobs, (2) certain job training, (3) certain infrastructure improvements needed for new or expanding business enterprises, and (4) career centers. The MED may also undertake other certain projects with approval of Midlothian voters.  

The MED is governed by a seven-member board which is empowered to make decisions and enter agreements for MED. The MED Board members are selected by the Midlothian City Council. MED Board members can serve for two-year terms at the pleasure of the Council.

Midtown Midlothian
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Kyle Kinateder

Belinda Wadsworth
Office Manager

In October 2021, the Midlothian Economic Development Board approved a work plan that outlined these core focus areas.

  1. Closeout Midlothian Business Park
  2. Industrial 2.0
  3. Next Opportunity
  4. Ready Workforce
  5. A Better MED

Each focus area was defined and included specific action items that would be carried out during the fiscal year. Click to Download our 2022 Annual Report and check out our progress.

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