Sunrider Manufacturing

Production starts in Midlothian Business Park

Sunrider Manufacturing

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While celebrating their 40th anniversary, Sunrider opened its 600,000 SF health and wellness manufacturing facility on September 21, 2022; and is the first company in the Midlothian Business Park. Sunrider was founded in 1982 by Drs. Tei-Fu and Oi-Lin Chen and their five children hold executive positions within the company or on the Board of Directors.

In September 2020, Sunrider secured a building permit and purchased 87 acres in Midlothian Business Park. Sunrider will employ over 200 employees. Adjacent to their manufacturing facility is a 500,000 SF speculative building that will be leased until manufacturing operations need to be expanded.

Sunrider continues to be an integral part of Midlothian. Sunrider started as a small business and over the last 40 years has continued to grow tremendously. Midlothian Economic Development is excited to see the company grow and be a part of its future.

View Sunrider’s Press Release here. Learn more about Sunrider

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